SEISSIGER Special-Cam LTE - SUPERSIM-Edition surveillance camera / animal observations camera

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SEISSIGER Special-Cam LTE - SUPERSIM-Edition - very good image quality, up to 25m range

The SEISSIGER Special-Cam LTE - SUPERSIM Edition is an uncompromising, robust and weatherproof wireless wildlife camera that triggers reliably and sends the recordings (photos & videos). With this surveillance camera you always have everything in view in the hunting ground. If you wish, you can view the photos and videos from the area directly in the SUPERSIM app.

The complete package is preconfigured and therefore immediately ready for use. The set contains everything you need to use the game camera immediately: the SEISSIGER Special-Cam LTE HD 12MP, a 16GB SDHC memory card, 12 1.5V AA batteries, a tree strap and the SEISSIGER tree tripod as well as a SUPERSIM prepaid -Multi-network card with €5 starting credit.

  •  Photos with up to 12 megapixels and videos with sound in full HD
  •      Videos with sound up to 30 seconds long
  •      Send photos and videos in seconds
  •      Series images, timer and time-lapse recordings possible
  •      Recording angle 45° and motion sensor 42°
  •      Range 25 meters
  •      Black flash (940nm) invisible to humans and animals
  •      SUPERSIM Edition: version with SIM lock (only works with the SUPERSIM prepaid multi-network card)

As soon as the camera detects movement (reacts to temperature differences), a recording is triggered, which is saved on the supplied SD card. Photos or videos can be taken or both combined. This means you won't miss a thing and you'll always have everything in view in the area.

When triggered, 3MP, 5MP, 8MP, 10MP or 12MP photos are taken within 0.6 seconds. Videos are recorded in Full HD quality with a length of up to 30 seconds. The video resolution is 720P, 1080P, QVGA or WVGA. The recordings are sent automatically. You can choose between a resolution of 0.3 (640x480 pixels) or 1.2 megapixels (1280x960 pixels) for the shipping size.

You have the option of having a series of up to 10 photos taken. In this case, the first recording will be sent to you. You can also set a combination of photo and video. The photo will be sent to you and the video will also be saved on the SD card.

With the Special-Cam LTE you have the option of operating the camera via SMS remote control. For example, you can trigger recordings, change the sensitivity of the sensor or set the transmission and camera mode. Please note that the remote control increases the power consumption significantly.

This camera is the "SUPERSIM Edition". That means it works with the supplied SUPERSIM prepaid multi-network card. The camera is SIM locked and is not intended to be used with SIM cards from other providers. The SUPERSIM prepaid multi-network card dials into any mobile network throughout Europe and thus guarantees maximum network coverage. The tariff always remains the same!

The SEISSIGER Special-Cam LTE - SUPERSIM Edition has been tested several times by independent magazines and rated as the best overall package:

  •      Immediate reporting of recordings with the free app directly to your smartphone
  •      Billing per recording from €0.02
  •      no basic fee
  •      No contract
  •      free SUPERSIM portal for archiving your recordings and many additional functions
  •      unlimited number of cameras possible per SUPERSIM account
  •      €5 starting credit 

You can set your SEISSIGER Special-Cam LTE wildlife camera so that the motion detector combined with the timer creates recordings with different times and days of the week. This is particularly suitable for monitoring business premises or gardens, for example. The camera also has an adjustable time-lapse function.

If the memory of the SD card is full, the oldest recordings will be overwritten (ring storage).

Thanks to the invisible black flash, the images are illuminated with particularly high contrast and are razor-sharp, even at night. The camera captures movement at an angle of 42 degrees and has a range of 25 meters. This means that with your SEISSIGER game camera you can cover a width of 20 meters at a distance of 25 meters.

You can display a picture stamp on the recordings. It shows practical information such as trigger mode, date, time, moon phase, temperature and battery status.

Images and videos already archived on the memory card can be viewed on the integrated 2" color TFT screen and all camera settings can be conveniently checked and adjusted. Access to the camera menu can be protected by a password.

The camera has a very simple and intuitive menu navigation and large control buttons.

With the ¼-20" thread, the camera can be screwed onto standard tripods. Our practical tree tripod is already included in this complete set.

In addition to operating with batteries, the camera can be connected to an external power supply (mains adapter for a socket or barrel connector for an additional 6V battery) with a cable.

Technical characteristics:

  •      Photo: maximum 12 megapixels (4,000 x 3,000 pixels), 1 to 3 photos per release
  •      Video: FULL-HD video sequences with sound (up to 30 seconds long)
  •      Picture tube: date, time, moon phase, temperature and battery level
  •      Screen: integrated 2" color TFT screen with a 5cm screen diagonal
  •      Flash: invisible black flash (940 nm)
  •      Range: Range up to 25 meters
  •      Detection range: shooting angle 45 degrees
  •      Detection range: shooting angle 45 degrees
  •      Menu: multilingual menu navigation
  •      Energy: up to 6 months standby mode (depending on intensity of use, temperature, type and quality of batteries, etc.), 12 x 1.5V AA batteries, external 6V connection (e.g. for additional battery or power pack)
  •      Sd_karten: 16GB SD card (class 10) included, capacity up to 32 GB possible
  •      Housing: particularly robust plastic housing, unobtrusive camouflage look, weatherproof thanks to rubber seals
  •      Dimensions: 14.7 x 12.2 x 8.4 cm
  •      Weight: 435g


Germany € 0,- ; Europe Zone I € 8,- Europe Zone II € 20,- ; World Zone III € 25,- and World Zone IV € 30,-
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