Thermal imaginer InfiRay E3 Max V3 for hunters, security or outdoor

The InfiRay E3 Max V3 thermal imaging device is ideal for obersavation large distances and for object observation with high optical magnification.

The device is equipped with a 12µm ceramic detector, which is light, robust and energy-saving. In combination with the 35 mm lens, there is also a 3.5x optical magnification and a picture angle of 7.5°. With 384x288 px, objects are also resolved with a particularly high level of detail.

Clear images with high-contrast colors are displayed on a high-resolution OLED display with 1024x768 px. In addition, it is possible to detect a human-sized target at a distance of up to 1,818 m - even in absolute darkness.

Thanks to the integrated standby function, observation can be paused and quickly resumed if necessary. It should be particularly emphasized that in this mode no light from the eyepiece of the hot picture device falls on the face and thus the camouflage necessary for hunting is maintained.

Another feature of the E3 Max V3 is the stadiometric rangefinder. Based on estimated values (height of the animals), the approximate distance to the target object can be determined.

In addition, the device has a so-called hotspot point, which automatically always moves to the hottest point on the thermal image. Even if only a few pixels of the animal can be seen due to obstacles, the target is quickly acquired. This proves to be of great advantage, especially when searching.

The thermal imaging device also has a storage capacity of 16 GB and allows you to save recorded images and videos. In addition, there is a WiFi module, which can be used to implement up to 4 connections at the same time.

The E3 Max V3 thermal imaging device, which weighs around 450 g, can be operated at a temperature of 24°C for up to 6 hours. The robust housing is also protected against dust and heavy splashing water.

Technical specifications:

  •     Sensor: 384 x 288 px
  •     Sensor type: Vox
  •     Display: OLED 1024 x 768 px
  •     Detection distance: 1818 m
  •     Operating time: up to 6 hours
  •     Energy source: integrated Li-Ion battery
  •     Detector sensitivity: 40 mK
  •     Pixel pitch (pitch): 12 µm
  •     Image frequency: 50 Hz
  •     Lens focal length: 35 mm
  •     Field of view: 7.5° (horizontal) / 5.3° (vertical)
  •     Field of view width at 100 m: 14 m
  •     Magnification: 3.5-14x
  •     USB-C connection
  •     Image and video storage
  •     WLAN: App connection for image transmission
  •     Storage capacity: 16 GB
  •     Protection class: IP66
  •     Dimensions (LxWxH): 18.6x6.5x6.4 cm
  •     Weight: 450 g


  •     Thermal camera
  •     protective bag
  •     USB cable
  •     charging adapter
  •     operation manual

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