DDoptics 8x56 Nachtfalke ERGO ED Gen. 3, binoculars for hunters or outdoor


The new Nachtfalke Ergo are the best 8x56 binoculars by DDoptics in that price category. The new generation 3 of the Nachtfalke Ergo binoculars combine the experiences of 10 years of binoculars manufacture in these extremely light and handy binoculars with enormous performance.


The best 8x56 binoculars for you may be smaller

The new Nachtfalke Ergo 8x56 is more than the next generation - it's a solution without compromises for all who expect  performance with light weight at a moderate price. Despite the low weight of just 960g the 8x56 Nachtfalke Ergo offers unbelievable performance which surpasses most of the binoculars in the 400€ category.


Observe everything, no matter how the light is

During the day or during twilight, the observation sensation is always the most beautiful when everything seems completely natural and colour accurate. The new optics of the Nachtfalke Ergo 3 give a sensation of experiencing brilliant reality to the observer while constantly surprising positively. Colour fringes and erroneous colour representations are almost nonexistent with these binoculars, a straight line will stay straight even in the fringe range.


Brighter, lighter, richer in contrasts

If every finger knows where to go, if you can feel small and light binoculars in your hand, if despite this these binoculars are still brighter and richer in contrast than you would have thought possible for such a midget, then we did everything right.


Find the focus point even in darkness (Smart Focus 50m-infinity)

The Smart Focus is an advantage during twilight or night: With this technology there's no refocussing needed for the Nachtfalke. Once the focus is set on an object in a distance of 100m the eye can automatically adjust in a distance range of 50m up to infinity without you having to keep focussing. 




Easy adjustment of the 50m-infinity function

The new Nachtfalke Ergo of the 3rd generation has become more similar to its "big brother", the Pirschler Gen3. Thus the new Nachtfalke also has a palpable marking with which you can easily bring the binoculars back to the acuity range during day and night. To adjust during the night, the palpable marking on the focussing wheel just needs to be turned "up" and the image will become acute.



Low priced for the nightly still hunt - 8x56 Ergo of the 3rd generation

  • the new Ergo of the 3rd generation
  • even lighter and handier with an open bridge
  • only 960g
  • 115m field of view
  • dielectrical mirror
  • brightest binoculars of the Ergo series for the night hunt
  • ED glass with low dispersion
  • good fringe acuity
  • hard-going Z-lock-in position of the eye cups
  • price-performance professional
  • robust and suitable for all weather


The binoculars will be delivered with bag, carrying strap and additional carryingstrap Niggeloh in olive.

Shipping: Germany € 0,- ; Europe Zone I € 8,- Europe Zone II € 20,- ; World Zone III € 25,- and World Zone IV € 30,-

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