DDoptics Laser Rangefinder RF1200 mini green,Rangefinder for hunting or Golf 1200m


DDoptics is a family-owned company originally from Dresden with today's headquarters in the Schönherr factory in Chemnitz, Germany.

The new range finder by DDoptics, perfect for hunting

The hunting range finders by DDoptics are small, light and astonish, compared to their price. Distance measurements of up to 800m to 1200m (depending on weather and landscape) can be done without any problems, which is a surprising performance compared to the small size. The device is compact and doesn't take up a lot of space in y backpack.


1200m distance measured during the hunt?

A maximum distance measurement of 800-1200m can often be decisive, especially during the Africa hunt as there is often a need to find long ranges to measure the distance to the herd. But also for stalk hunting and mountain hunting distances of over 100m can be interesting to find out, be it only to exclude a shot or further stalking.

In seconds, the range finder measures the exact distance to the optics targeted object via laser (harmless to the human eye) on a distance of up to 1200m. The result can be displayed in meters or yards. The compact size, the extremely low weight and the easy operation make the range finder an ideal companion for hiking, hunting, at sea, in a stadion or for other outdoor activities.



The range finder RF 1200 mini has 5 modes selectable by pressing the button "MODE".
No extra writing on the screen. It only displays a number which shows the distance to the object captured by the finder.
If you keep pressing the button "MODE" and move the range finder you'll notice a change in the distance as it is possible to use the device while moving.
To measure distances of over 30m during poor weather.
Measures the farthest object of two possible objects in range. Ideal for golfing.
To ignore objects like bushes or branches which might be situated between you and the target.


  • long range distances (up to 1200m)
  • the field of view on 1000m are astounding 140m!
  • only 141g
  • 6x magnification
  • CR2-3V battery
  • so small that it fits on your palm
  • H_DDoptics_Entfernungsmesser_Rangefinder_Golf_daten



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