Delta Optical Stryker HD 5-50×56 SFP DLS-1 rifle scope, mil dot, for hunters, sport shooters

Absolute perfection. That is your target. It is also our target. As good as our riflescopes are, we're always working to make them better. Perfection is a never-ending target.

Ideal for shooting targets in F-Class / Benchrest competitions - precision is important when every shot is critical. High quality ED glass for a bright, sharp image, minimal chromatic aberration and excellent true colors. Impressive light transmission and centrally illuminated crosshairs for quick target acquisition even in poor light conditions. Central tube with 34 mm diameter and vertical adjustment up to 300 cm. Robust construction and precise, durable mechanics. Parallax adjustment from 10 m to infinity. Lockable towers that are easy to operate even with gloves.

Three reticle options. Everything in the second focal plane (the crosshair size does not change with the magnification). The area magnification for measuring the size of the target or estimating the distance is 40x. The click value of STRYKER 5-50 × 56 HD is 0.05MRAD, paired with MRAD-based DLS-1 and DLS-2.

DLS-1 reticle

MRAD @ 40x

The exact middle point covers 0.03MRAD at 100 m. 0.005MRAD crosshairs in the horizontal and vertical planes have 0.2MRAD increments plus 1MRAD for quick and easy adjustments for fall and wind. Very good at lower magnifications (7-10x) when the middle point is 0.17-0.12MRAD. With day-night lighting.

DLS-2 reticle

MRAD @ 40x

Precision in its purest form. Two thin 0.005MRAD crosshairs cross in the middle. Tidy. Nothing distracts the eye. Central illuminated point in the middle of the crosshair.

DLS-3 reticle

MOA @ 40x

Corresponds to the DLS-1 crosshair, but is scaled in MOA. The aiming point is 0.1 MOA (2.91 mm) at a distance of 100 m. Designed so that nothing is distracting.

Technical specifications

  • Reticle: DLS-1
  • Magnification: 5-50
  • Lens diameter: 56mm
  • Field of view @ 100m 5x: 7.1m
  • Field of view @ 100m 50x: 0.7m
  • Eye relief: 89mm-100mm
  • Exit pupil diameter: 7.1-1.1mm
  • Diopter adjustment range: -2D / + 3D
  • Water resistance: 0.3kg / cm2
  • Position of the reticle: Second image plane (SFP)
  • illuminated Lighting: point
  • Gas filling: nitrogen
  • Click adjustment: 0.05 MIL * / click (0.5 cm / click at 100 m)
  • Elev Adj Range: 30mrad **
  • Wind Adj Range: 30mrad **
  • Parallax adjustment: 10m - ∞
  • Zero stop: yes
  • Shock resistance: 6500 J.
  • Lens diameter: 56mm
  • Center tube diameter: 34mm
  • Length: 398mm
  • Weight: 1065g
  • Guarantee: 10 years

* with crosshairs DLS-3 1 / 8MOA

** with crosshairs DLS-3 100MOA

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