Laserluchs dimmer for IR

Starlit full-moon skies or pitch-black darkness: different lighting capabilities are a prerequisite for any night-vision device. The laser dimmer provides the illuminators 850-50-Pro II, 808-150 II, 980-50-Pro II und 905-50-Pro II from LASERLUCHS® with infinite brightness adjustment and an optimal image – always. Glare from reflections and contrast errors are things of the past! The unit offers numerous innovative functions such as single-handed operation, an emergency SOS signal transmitter, battery level monitoring and a microprocessor-controlled pulse-shift-mode – you even get outstanding results in fog, rain and snow.

• Infinitely adjustable brightness
• Comfortable one-hand control
• Pulse-shift-mode
• Microprocessor controlled
• Operating mode display
• Compatible with all LASERLUCHS®

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