NOB5X night vision / residual light amplifier (5x) for hunters, security, outdoor

Offers high performing optics in a compact housing.

The optical con- struction of multiple elements with premium coating avoids reflections and ensures high light transmission for a clear view.

The precisely working mechanics with center focus are packed in a rubberized housing and provide optimum viewing comfort.

In darkness moon or star light illuminate objects. This light is gathered by the objective lens of the night vision device and focused onto the image intensifier tube.

The intensifier tube converts the bundled light into single electrons, which are multiplied by a high voltage tube (17 kV). Then the electrons strike in huge quantity on a phosphorous screen, whereby the screen illumination is activated.

The amplified light signals now become comfortably visible in the eyepiece of your night vision device.

Thread mount 1/4" No
Outer dimension width approx. 7.4 cm
Outer dimension height approx. 10.7 cm
Outer dimension length max. 11.8 cm
Field of view at 1000 m max. approx. 24,5 m
Power supply CR 123 / 3V
Magnification max. 5 x
Weight approx. 1100 g

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