Noblex NR 1000 rangefinder for hunters, golf, outdoors former Zeiss Jena

NOBLEX GmbH continues a proud tradition in the development and manufacturing of optic consumer products in the production facilities of Carl Zeiss in Jena and later in the Eisfeld, Germany. 150 years of success with optical devices are an expression of a great experience in optics, mechanics and electronics. It is an incentive and obligation for Noblex to continue this tradition of Zeiss, Docter and Analytik Jena with passion and innovative spirit.

At the company's headquarters in Eisfeld, optics are created that are characterized by excellent quality standards. The high-performance optics portfolio today combines classic products such as binoculars and riflescopes with modern optoelectronic devices.

The miniaturized visor systems, which have become known all over the world under the name DOCTERsight, are trendsetters for hunting and sport.

Estimate long distances safely. Every golfer, architect or hunter faces this challenge. The new, laser-based, NOBLEX rangefinder uses time-of-flight measurement to determine reliably and precisely over ± 1 meter distances up to 1000 meters. The measurement result is clearly reflected in the field of view by means of a red OLED display, even on a dark background. With the 6x magnifying optics you can also observe normally, so that additional binoculars often becomes a minor matter. Everything "packed" in a very compact, pocket-compatible format.

Technical specifications

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Ø lens aperture (mm): 21
  • Laser class: 1
  • Measuring accuracy (m): ± 1
  • Ø exit pupil (mm): 3.3
  • Twilight performance: 11
  • Measuring range: 5-1000
  • Field of view (m / 1000m): 126
  • Mass (g): 161


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