Solar panel for battery IP cameras /devices with USB-C, 5 Watt, 5 V, IP65,camping, garden, balcony

Power your battery-powered security camera / mobile devices independently

  •      Charges battery-powered security cameras with a USB-C connector
  •      Monocrystalline solar cell with 5 watt charging power
  •      Flexibly adjustable mounting bracket
  •      Weatherproof housing: IP65
  •      Can also be used for other mobile devices, e.g. smartphones and MP3 players

Product description:
Who doesn't know this: In the outdoor area it's one of those things with the power supply. Sockets are rarely in practical proximity. Make charging your battery security camera easy now. With your new solar panel specially designed for battery-operated cameras, you are independent of the socket and no longer have to remove the camera to charge it!

Ready to use in no time: mount the panel in a sunny spot near your camera. The long connection cable makes it much easier to choose the location. Now just plug the charging plug of the solar panel into the charging socket of your camera. Complete!

Of course, also suitable for other mobile devices: Take the compact and light panel with you, e.g. for camping or tents. You can charge your smartphone, MP3 player, e-book reader and more with solar energy.

  •          Solar power supply for battery-powered IP cameras with USB-C port
  •          Also suitable for other mobile devices, e.g. for charging smartphones, MP3 players and e-book readers when camping and camping
  •          Monocrystalline solar cells with high efficiency and long service life
  •          Output voltage: 5 volts
  •          Solar module charging power: 5 watts
  •          Connection: USB-C male
  •          Cable Length: 3m
  •          Flexibly adjustable mounting bracket
  •          Color bracket and housing: white
  •          Weatherproof: IP65
  •          Ideal for the outdoor area
  •          Dimensions: approx. 17 x 16 x 1 cm, weight: 288 g
  •          Solar panel including 3 m USB cable, holder, mounting material and German instructions - Solar cell - Also relevant or suitable for: surveillance


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