Surveillance camera / animal observations / security camera Dörr Snapshot Cloud 4G


The DÖRR SnapShot Cloud 4G sends recorded pictures over the fast 4G connection directly to the cloud – get access to your pictures worldwide with the DÖRR Cloud APP or over our DÖRR website.

Further change the most important settings online with the DÖRR APP, e.g. multi-shot, time lapse or timer. Make your photos available for fellow hunters and friends with the share function. The extreme fast trigger speed of the SnapShot Cloud 4G is only 0,4 seconds. With its 12 Megapixel resolution every detail is recorded. 59 invisible black vision LEDs ensure inconspicuous surveillance up to 20 meters. The jet water proof housing in perfectly discreet camouflage defies all weather conditions. The camera does not have a SIM lock, which allows the use of all common SIM cards including Multi-SIM and M2M cards (except provider SUPERSIM). To ensure full use, the SIM card used must be able to receive SMS.

• 59 invisible black vision LEDs
• High resolution colour pictures during daytime, contrast-rich black-and-white pictures at night
• Image resolution up to max. 12 MP
• HD videos including sound recording with up to 59 seconds length
• Multi-shot (1-5 photos per trigger), timer function with 2 work frames per day, time lapse (interval), combined image and video function, password protection
• Large colour display for menu settings and image playback and video playback with sound
• Multilingual, intuitive menu navigation
• Photos and videos are also stored on SD card (optionally available)

Without SIM-Lock
• SIM card providers and plans freely selectable (except SUPERSIM)
• Full control without hidden costs
• For important information about SIM card and pre-set APN's (click here)

Optionally available with DÖRR SIM card
• Multi SIM card can be used all over Europe
• DÖRR plans from € 3.50 per month
• Contract-free

Image reception & camera control made easy
The DÖRR Cloud APP always has everything in view and informs you in time when something interesting is happening. Would you like to monitor wildlife, keep your garden or property under surveillance, or be informed what your pet is doing?

With the DÖRR Cloud APP you will never miss anything again. Receive images worldwide, live and directly onto your smartphone. The pictures are available in your personal gallery from everywhere at any time.

The DÖRR Cloud APP allows easy management of multiple cameras and their settings. Adjust the settings online according to your personal needs.

Experience great photos and exiting moments with the DÖRR Cloud APP.

• Camera management
• Camera settings
• Camera status
• Image management
• Filter functions
• Friends function
• Email forwarding
• Share images
• SMTP Forwarding

    Possibility of using the APP Telegram (iOS, Android ) via Picture-Transfer.
    Possibility to use the website Revierwelt.
    Use of other services which can be connected via SMTP forwarding.

• Easy activation of additional functions such as HD quality or more cloud storage space via in-app purchases.


• Theft and loss notification with thief tracking
Report the loss of your camera via the APP and hereby give us the order for tracking. If the alleged thief registers the camera in the network and in the APP, the registration and the contact details will be recorded. At your request, the data will be made available to the responsible police station.

• Reduction of motion blur with fast objects in night mode
In this new setting, the exposure time will be reduced and faster objects will be displayed more sharp. Because of the reduced exposure time, the entire image becomes slightly darker.

You are interested in our DÖRR SnapShot Cloud 4G complete kits with suitable accessories? Click here to get to the overview.

For more than 12 years we are specialising in the field of autarkic surveillance cameras. This knowledge adds more value to the development of all our cameras.

Outstanding quality
Trust in high quality materials and best functionality. Our models especially meet the requirements of monitoring and offer a wide range of application. We keep an eye on practical functions and features for a reliable and inconspicuous surveillance during day and night.

Everything in view
Use our surveillance cameras to monitor the wildlife in your hunting ground or see what the neighbour´s cat is doing in your garden. Bird watching and categorising made easy, when mounting camera next to bird houses. Many of our customers use these inconspicuous spies for property surveillance and building security or for documentation of construction progress. We have the perfect solution for all your requirements.
Our cameras are user-friendly and intuitive to operate. The weatherproof housings are specially designed for outdoor use and protected against all weather conditions. Our high-quality cameras are known for their long battery life.


Germany € 0,- ; Europe Zone I € 8,- Europe Zone II € 20,- ; World Zone III € 25,- and World Zone IV € 30,-
The countries of shipping zones you can see at "important customers informations"

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