Infrared nightvision Fero 51, german military, + Laserluchs IR, hunters, outdoor

This is a used infrared nightvision FERO 51 of german / swiss army forces.

This nightvision was developed from the companies AEG, De Oude Delft und Eltro (Zeiss - Group).

The features of the FERO 51:

- the weight is 1,75kg
- rubber armouring
- water proof
- shock resistance
- single eyepice focusing, scale from -5 to +5
- the eyepiece distance is adjustable from 58 mm to 72 mm
- field of vision is 6 grad 30
- eyepiece and objective are made from Zeiss
- optic magnification of 6x
- the lenght is ca 270 mm, the height ca. 85 mm, the width is ca.166mm
- electric operated by 1,5V baby battery (will be suplied)
- with a carry line

The nightvision is in a used condition but there are no scratches on the lenses.

Handling is very simple:

You have to push one of the top buttons, the infrared high tension scope will be activated and receive invisible infraredlight. The view is light now. After a few time if the view is going dawn, you have to push one of the bottons again.

You can use it for hunting, camping or watching the nature.

The original sales price was about EUR 8.000,-

The nightvision is in a used, but very good condition. All systems full fuction, clear and sharp picture, small line in the view (minimal, does not affect the view).

The Fero 51 will be delivered with Laserluchs LED IR 5000.

The LASERLUCHS-5000 850nm 3W infrared LED illuminator with an optional dimmer is a compact and efficient power amplifier for every night-vision device. The infrared beam is wider so the image quality is even more plastic. The LA-SERLUCHS-5000 is versatile and can be used for hunting, surveillance and security technology, for example, and thanks to the 1/4" thread, it can also be mounted on camera tripods. 

For all night visions generations

  • Dimmer for light regulation
  • Range of up to 600m (at Fero 51 approax 250-300m)
  • Noiseless toggle switch
  • High-class internal focusing
  • Anti-reflective coated glass lenses
  • Black anodized aluminium housing
  • 1/4"-20UNC thread e.g. for photo tripod
  • 100% eye-safe
  • 850nm 3W LED


  • Lifetime: > 10,000 h
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C - 50 °C
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C - 60 °C
  • Beam Shape: expander
  • Optical Power: 3000 mW
  • Laser Class: 1
  • Operating Distance: 150 m
  • Optics: glass lens AR coated
  • Focus: adjustable
  • Potential of Housing: VDD(+)
  • Operating Voltage: 4.5 - 6, typ 6 V DC
  • Operating Current: 200 mA
  • Battery: CR123A
  • Size: Ø56x192 mm
  • Material: aluminium
  • Housing Color: black
  • Protection Class: IP 54

delivery content

  • Fero 51 night vision
  • Laserluchs mount bracket 02
  • Laserluchs special adapter for Fero 51

shipping only inside EU.

Shipping parcel -20kg : Germany € 0,- ; Europe Zone I € 25,- Europe Zone II € 38,- ; World please ask for shipping
The countries of shipping zones you can see at "important customers informations"

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