Thermal imaginer HIKMICRO OWL OH25 for hunters, security or outdoor

HIKVISION is known as the world's largest manufacturer in the field of surveillance cameras and has its own production of sensors. With the HIKMICRO brand, which was founded specifically for the thermal imaging sector, HIKVISION sets clear unique selling points on the market and cannot be compared with any other brand.

With the new OWL OH25 there is now an absolute novelty that, like the new OH35, clearly sets itself apart from the rest of the market in terms of quality. The image of the previous series UF was already very good, but the image of the OH25, which is now even more rich in contrast, is completely convincing. You get very good pictures even in bad weather. Compared to the OH35, the OH 25 offers you a wider field of vision, which you will find clearly in the forest and in small open spaces.

  • 10 year guarantee on the sensor * (HIK guarantees that the sensor will deliver the same sensor performance for 10 years)
  • 2 year guarantee on the integrated battery
  • 3 year guarantee on the entire device (excluding battery)
  • 35mk sensitivity so that even smaller differences can be resolved (competitors only resolve with 50mk or 40mk)
  • IP67 watertightness and robust construction
  • Drop test up to 2m
  • high manual (noiseless) and automatic shutter High quality lens with F = 1.0 apertures for extremely sharp and high-contrast images

Technical details:

  • VOx UFPA 384x288 resolution
  • Pixel pitch 17 µm
  • NETD <35mk
  • Stream in - max.resolution with 50fps (frames per second)
  • 2x and 4x digital zoom
  • WiFi Build in 16G memory module
  • 0.39 '' 1024 * 768 OLED display
  • smart ranging, hot-spot tracking
  • 180 m laser light
  • Lithium Battery> 7h battery operating time
  • IP67
  • Use temperature: -30 ~ 55 ° C
  • Withstands falls of up to 2m
  • 5V DC / 2A, 2W

Shipping only inside EU

Germany € 0,- ; Europe Zone I € 8,- Europe Zone II € 20,- ; World Zone III € 25,- and World Zone IV € 30,-

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