Night Fire 4 Turbo 860S IR LED, extra strong, for hunters, security ot outdoors

This is a new LED IR from company Gutzeit, Night Fire 4 Turbo 860S IR LED.

Night Fire 4 Turbo LED IR Flashlight operates in the remote field of the IR-range (860nm, invisible).

Night Fire 4 Turbo LED IR Flashlight is designed for use with night vision of GEN 0 (Fero 51) and GEN 2, not for GEN 1.

The max view depends to your night vision and can be max 800m, not for all night visions possible.

Specifications of the night fire turbo4:

  • can be used for night vision equipment from the 2nd Generation ( intensifier ) , 0 Generation ( infrared devices ), digital night vision, infrared CCD cameras ( night-shot , etc. ) Not for 1 Generation image intensifier suitable !
  • very long range and versatile adjustable by stepless light cone .
  • The light cone is very narrow or very wide adjustable , only in this way is an effective detail lighting for distant or located in the vicinity of objects possible (not adjustable IR illuminator to focus the IR light in the near-or far range, either too strong or too weak! )
  • Through a highly concentrated and very soft coated optics light is produced without dispersion with high contrast. Therefore hardly occur disturbing light reflections from stray light , in wet foliage , light ground fog on .
  • Brightness control ( dimmer ) available , possible with dimmer insert energy savings .
  • Small size and long life with low power consumption.
  • No sudden light loss when battery is empty .
  • Silent and water proof switch with switch protection , one-handed use .
  • Harmless to humans and animals.
  • water- proof.
  • S version : shock -proof design .
  • power 500mW

Additional available is a dimm switcher for EUR 88,- and a mount for fixing for EUR 29,-

FOR BIDDERS OUTSIDE USA, CANADA and EUROPE, please contact me first before purchasing.

For some countries is an export licence required!

Shipping: Germany € 0,- ; Europe Zone I € 8,- Europe Zone II € 20,- ; World Zone III € 25,- and World Zone IV € 30,-
The countries of shipping zones you can see at "important customers informations"

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