PVS7 1×24 AlphaMod night vision / googles GEN2+ CommGrade Typ S1550 Röhre, for hunters and outdoors

The night vision goggles PVS7 1×24 AlphaMod is a professional night vision device, used by authorities and security services worldwide for observations, surveillances, ship-navigation and also search-operations during twilight and night. The device can be attached to the head mount and the helmet mount, and can be used as a handheld monitoring device.


  • Extraordinary wide observation range, due to optimal developed optical system and a sophisticated very high relative aperture night-optics 1x24mm (F1,2), 8x82mm (F2,0). The value of observation range in meter is strongly dependant on the grade and specifications of the image intensifier tube, atmospheric density, contrast between the object viewed and its background, as well as the size of the object
  • Interchangeable lenses with magnification: 1x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x
  • Individual adjustment of the ocular distance
  • Automatic brightness control (ABC)
  • Bright source protection (BSP)
  • Built-in: LED IR-illuminator with 20mW output power in an invisible 940nm wavelength range
  • Mounting option for autonomous IR-illuminators
  • On/off display for the IR-illuminator
  • Low battery indicator
  • Optional: Available without image intensifier tubes independent, automatic shutdown function by daylight
  • Optional: Available in khaki color
  • Assembled by Alpha Photonics® – Germany
  • Housing from high strength, synthetic material
  • Water protected
  • Lightweight
  • Shock resistant


  • Lens cap
  • Rubber eyecups for oculars
  • Carry cord
  • Transporting softcase
  • 2 batteries (AA)

compatible with other equipment:

  • Clip-on and interchangeable lenses
  • Thread adapter for interchangeable lenses, with Anglo-American or metric thread on the side of the goggles housing
  • Universal shoulder strap
  • Autonomous IR-illuminators
  • Head mount (recommended when buying a device with 1x magnification)
  • Helmet mount for mounting of the device on a tactical helmet

technical data:

Magnification: 1x, tube GEN2+ CommGrade  Typ S1550
Viewing angle: 40°
Effective lens diameter: 24mm (F1,2)
Focal length: 26mm
Built-in IR-illuminator: LED-20mW (940nm, invisible wavelength range)
Eye-ocular distance: >15mm
Diopter adjustments, dptr: + 2 / − 6
Focusing: from 25cm up to ∞
Ocular distance settings: from 55mm up to 71mm
Energy source: two AA (1,5V) batteries
Voltage: 3 Volt
Continuous operation time, h: minimum 60
Operation temperature: from − 40°C up to + 50°C
Dimensions, mm: 158x150x85
Weight: 528g

The headset is not inclusive and can be purchased additional!

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