Sordin Supreme MIL CC Hearing Protection - Active Military Hearing Protector - Nexus-TP120-Downlead

  • ACTIVE NOISE REDUCTION: The Sordin Supreme MIL CC shuts down loud noises but amplifies soft sounds. Perfect for soldiers - because enemy footsteps and voices remain clearly intelligible!

  • NEW BRAND: These popular hearing protectors, formerly known as MSA Sordin, are now distributed by the Swedish manufacturer Sordin itself - the perfect product quality does not change at all.

  • STANDARD QUALITY: Approved according to military standard MIL-STD-810! Thanks to its boom microphone and its Nexus plug with NATO wiring, this hearing protector is perfect for military operations

  • EXTREMELY ROBUST: The Sordin Supreme MIL CC convinces with a waterproof polymer coating of the electronics and other components according to military standards - even the battery compartment is waterproof

  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: Thanks to the uninterrupted, RFI-protected radio communication, perfectly suitable for soldiers, police officers and special units as well as for rescue forces in crisis areas! 

Hearing protection according to military standards

Approved according to military standards MIL-STD-810H and MIL-STD-461G!
The Sordin Supreme MIL is the perfect hearing protection for tactical operations in the military and for special units.
The MIL versions have all the advantages of the regular Sordin Supreme Pro-X: 1:4 amplification, waterproof microphones and particularly robust electronics!
The Supreme MIL also scores points with tactical features such as RFI protection.
All models are manufactured in Sweden under the highest quality standards!

Always on standby

In a tactical, potentially dangerous situation, everything must work perfectly.
Fail-safe radio communication.
Perfect audio reproduction.
Even in the harshest environments - so you can perform at your best when it matters most!
Sordin Supreme MIL is available in several versions: the MIL CC versions have a boom microphone and a Nexus connector, while the MIL AUX versions can be connected to radio devices via a 3.5 mm jack.

Active noise insulation

This hearing protection not only dampens noise, but also makes quiet noises louder.
The active Sordin HEAR technology, for example, amplifies the quiet rustling of enemies, but shuts down in the event of sudden noise such as gunfire!
Therefore, Sordins are perfect for soldiers, but also for special units.
Noise pollution is reduced while voices and noises remain clearly audible!
At the same time, you can hear your comrades via intercom via the capsules (even without batteries).

With boom microphone

The scope of delivery includes an external boom microphone (boom microphone) for connecting to radio devices!
Thanks to Sordin's special noise-cancelling technology, your voice remains clear and easy to understand, even in very noisy environments.
Even if there are gunshots, you can communicate with your comrades via radio without any problems!
A connection to most radio devices is possible via the Nexus TP120.
The capsules reproduce radio traffic even if the batteries fail!

Battery replacement made easy

Do you want to change the battery of your Sordin Supreme Pro-X MIL?
With these instructions, the replacement can be done in just a few steps!
To insert, simply insert the first battery (note polarity) and press it down with a pin, then insert the second battery.
To get the second battery out when changing, turn your hearing protection upside down and tap the bottom (see video)!
The battery then falls out and can be easily removed.

Sordin: The original from Sweden

The Swedish manufacturer Sordin has specialized in high-quality and robust ear muffs.
His Supreme series shines with one feature: active noise insulation or amplification!
Therefore, Sordins are perfect for hunters and soldiers, but also for workers.
All hearing protectors are still produced in Sweden to the highest standards!
In the past, the U.S. Army relies on Sordins, as do many hunters and outdoor shooters around the world.

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