YUKON Futurus 12x50WA Porro binoculars for hunters or outdoors, new

Binoculars FUTURUS 12X50 WA

The 12x magnification produces a stable image when observing the field. The 50mm lenses in combination with a 12x magnification allow a high incidence of light with which you can observe well in twilight, in fog and on a moonlight night. Wide-angle eyepieces enlarge the field of view considerably and make it easier to find fast-moving objects without losing sight of them.

Futurus binoculars with improved stereo image.

The construction of the Futurus binoculars is based on the classic optical system based on Porro prisms. This system has the following advantages: the devices are relatively short, and the large distance between the right and left optical channels results in better three-dimensionality and maximum light conductivity compared to binoculars with other optical schemes.

Integrated lens cover

Robust protective lens covers are structurally connected to the housing of the device and protected against loss. Before using the binoculars, the covers are opened and placed tightly against the housing.

Moisture-resistant housing

The housing of the binoculars is rubberized. The device is protected against moisture and lies securely in the hand.


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