Baigish BPO 7x30 russian military binoculars

This is a russian high quality military binoculars Baigish 7x30 BPO which is manufactured by company KOMZ.

"B" stands for binocular, "P" for Porro prism, and "O" stands "with the increased removal of a target pupil for the people wearing glasses, and for possibility to put on a gas mask".

The binoculars BPO series have the metallic, hermetically scaled rubberized body, that reliably protecting the devices from a penetration of water and dust, and also from damage of the objective lens while casual impacts and vibration.

The binoculars has a sophisticated 7-lens eyepiece construction, company KOMZ uses Carl Zeiss (east) lenses.

Owing to the large exit pupil clearance (22,5 mm) and single-eye focusing the binoculars are special appropiate for glass wearer. The prism binoculars are very good for observation of objects in far distances and over huge terrains in the day time. They are absolutely perfect at dawn and in bad weather conditions, due to their specially enlightened prizm scheme and famous for their non-narrowing field of vision, resulting in a distinct and contrasting picture.

Technical details:

  • Objective lens diameter: 30 mm
  • Field of view: 150m
  • Eye relief: 22,5mm
  • range of view: infinity
  • Magnification: 7x
  • BaK-7 prism, glass TF1 lens
  • Exit pupil: 4,3mm
  • Weight 1100g
  • reticle (right ocular)


Included Accessories:

bag and carrying line


Germany € 0,- ; Europe Zone I € 8,- Europe Zone II € 20,- ; World Zone III € 25,- and World Zone IV € 30,-
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